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The United Kingdom is known for strict levels of prohibition of tobacco products and smoking. A lot of acts were signed to prevent smoking in public places in early 2000's. Given the idea it would reduce smoking habit in people and decrease smoking rate in adults and youngsters.

But what about a regular consumer, the hard working man or woman who just wants to smoke a cigarettes and relax after a long day or a good fulfilling meal? Should they all be banned from the thing they like? It is a simple person's choice.

Judging from the yearly price increase in the United Kingdom, the average price of a cigarettes packet is about 9 pounds. That is a great deal for an average person. The price of a packet of cigarettes in Britain has doubled in 10 years and almost quadrupled in two decades. The government wants to increase the price for an average packet and make it about 15 pounds. Sounds simply ridiculous.

When it comes to private economy in everyday life, you come to think of the ways to reduce expenses to keep some money for pleasure and fun.

Now the customer can do an easy search on the Internet and find a new solution to the issue with high prices and bans for cigarettes. The web-site offers a nice possibility to obtain cigarettes for cheaper prices and incredibly convenient method of purchase. The most expensive carton of cigarettes is £ 28.79, that makes a packet cost £ 2.879. Logically, this is quite an attractive deal. This year taxes on cigarettes were raised again by 2%, causing the packets on the UK market to reach the price of a normal pizza.

As the cigarettes are produced in a cheaper economical environment, meaning cheaper labor force, the overall manufacturing cost becomes lower than in the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, the manufacturing technology and standardization are managed by the respective cigarettes brand owners on a very high level. That provides great quality of tobacco and of course the cigarettes itself. The brand variety is quite extensive, and the same applies to the flavors.

There are talks about making all the cigarette packets look the same. It is know to be called 'plain packaging'. The main idea is to make the packet generic, standardized or homogeneous. All colors, imagery, corporate logos and trademarks should be removed removal, letting the manufacturers to print only the brand name in a assigned size, font and place on the packet. Additionally, the packet should be covered in special health warnings (text plus image) and any other legally mandated information such as toxic constituents and tax-paid stamps. So, basically, all the packets on the market should look exactly the same to the customer.

Australia was the first country to adopt this type of plain packaging in 2012. Since then all the packets on the market are of dull-olive color with health warning and a small brand name printed in the same standardized font. Some say, that it may lead to restrictions in intellectual property.

Nevertheless, the introduction on plain packaging in the UK is still debatable. This is due to the fact that statistically there was an increase in tobacco products sales after plane packaging launch in Australia.

In general, most smokers see the packets a an accessory to their life. It is all about the distinction and pointing out your social image. However, in case of plain packaging you will have a standard color, shape and a huge health warning image embedded on the packet. carries authentically packaged cigarettes in their original packets with the designs and shapes an average consumer is used to.

Now, the question arises in the delivery terms. A person may buy a packet just going to the store, or dropping by a gas station on his way home. Taking this into account, it is also convenient to place the order on-line from the PC or any other device that has access to Internet. There are simple small steps to complete the order form, that even does not require any registration on the web-site (it is optional). A customer needs to select the preferred brand, its flavor, number of cartons and add shipping and billing information.

When submitting the payment, the customer is directed to the secure checkout page, that indicates that you can shop safely with this web-site. Once the payment is processed, the order goes out from the warehouse in 2 business days and then is delivered in an incredibly fast time, having a standard delivery rate. Usually the parcels are delivered within 7-10 days, although, the web-site indicates that the arrival of your product may take up to 30 days. That may sound exaggerated, but for most buyers, having the delivery right to the door is more convenient than going out on purpose.

By any means, having a friendly customer support is very important. An average customer has every right to be informed and get to know all the details about his/her order and be sure that there will be pre- and after-service included. Mainly, with all the daily rush everyone uses emails, but there is no problem if a customer wants to get information personally over the phone.

When shopping on-line, it is very frequent that the postal service may lose or damage the parcel. This should not sound scary to the customer, because it is common that this web-site offers a good support at problem solving solutions, if refund or replacement is needed, again - no problem.

A person has to choose the way to shop that is more pleasant and convenient. Being free to choose - should become the moto of a normal person for everyday life. Internet makes shopping easier and way faster than before. Considering price and quality, a person can easily navigate through loads of brands. provides the possibility to make usual shopping experience better.